Cordless Heart Lightbulb


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This seemingly magic bulb lights up without plugging it in! Heart-shaped pink filament in glass. Our homage to the humble Edison lightbulb is cordless, rechargeable and beautiful. Recreates the classic look of old-school filament lamps with a warm pink heart. Stand alone light bulb. Looks and feels identical to the iconic filament bulb, but does not not need to be attached to a lamp or require plugging in. Power-cord free, rechargeable and portable. Timeless and beautiful with a sexy twist. Powered by an internal battery with a 5 hour life on a 1.5 hour charge. If Edison could see this, he would be turning in his grave.

-USB Rechargeable internal battery.

-Heart shaped filament powered by battery.

-Glass & Metal / Quality look & feel.

-5 hour battery life on a 1.5 hour charge.

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