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You’re one of a kind, your home should be too.

We’re a small family-run business named after my parents Michael Fawcett & Janet Kind (Fawcett & Kind Living). They instilled a love of travel, of art and always using the good plates – even for everyday dinners, since even every day experiences are meant to be enjoyed and be wonderful.

Our store is at 450 Main St, Metuchen, NJ.

We have a long history of home design & décor working with some of the most discerning palettes in the United Kingdom — including former Prime Ministers, internationally renowned & knighted footballers, BAFTA & OBE actors, premiership managers, and many beloved families like yours.

We know the world around us is made better by the sum of the people & experiences that surround us – full of art, music, designers, thought leaders and conversations starters of every age. Today in my own family, we are lovers of art, of music, of travel and of supporting creators & designers, thought leaders, of conversation starters, and most importantly we are lovers of a story.

We believe that shopping is so much more than just buying. We believe a good store should offer an experiential place to connect. A space to create and share opportunities as well as a place for individuals to explore and discover.

You can only be a place of wonder and delight if the goods you stock and ways you work have integrity, fairness and kindness at their core: if what you do doesn’t come at someone else’s cost. If we work to build lasting and transparent relationships with our suppliers, ensuring they share these values and we can all work together to try and shape the world we want to see.

We strongly believe in the power of a business model where people and positive impact are at the heart of its working. We hope that by listening and learning the small steps we all take can add up to a larger change for a fair, diverse, inclusive and socially good world.

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