Anyone Can Be President: The Super-Smart Guide to Being the Ruler of the Free World


This book is your ticket to the White House. Yes, you can be president. And of all the tools needed to run for office and lead the greatest country in the world, Anyone Can Be President is at the top of the list. This how-to is filled with practical advice, playful pages (quizzes, games, graphs!), and lots of actual historical knowledge, so you can pave your way to becoming our next commander in chief. Filled with straightforward tips on how to be president and gives simple explanations for complex topics—like creating a SuperPAC and who should do it (hint: not you!). The idea that anyone can be president has been under scrutiny by pundits, reporters, and voters. This president book serves as a cheat sheet for potential candidates and a much-needed parody for everyone else. Written by David Vienna, a Knock Knock Books veteran and bestselling author of Calm the F*ck Down. Paperback; 5.5 x 7.5 inches; 144-pages.

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