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The Lovebox is a bamboo box with a small screen to receive messages. You can send photos, love notes, drawings, or stickers to the Lovebox using the free Lovebox app. The heart of the Lovebox will spin when the receiver gets a message.

Here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Place the red heart on the golden axis of the Lovebox: You’ll also want to plug your Lovebox into an outlet with the included power adapter and the USB cable. Shortly, instructions will appear on the screen to set it up.
  2. Connect to Lovebox’s Wi-Fi network with your smartphone: The network will be in the format ‘Lovebox-XXXX’ and will pop up on your Lovebox’s screen.
  3. Choose your language, name, and password: Available in both English and French, the Lovebox will ask for the password of your home’s Wi-Fi network, your email address, and what you’d like to name your Lovebox.
  4. Share the tiny secret code with anyone you want to receive messages from: An eight-digit code will then appear, and you can share it with your partner, parents, close family and friends.
  5. Download the Lovebox app and get sending!: The heart will spin when you receive a new message.

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